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News > Thursday, January-11-2007

Some New Publications

Happy New Year...a few new publications have arrived in my mailbox:

 Apache Playing Cards: A Study in Cultural Adaptation, by Virginia and Harold Wayland, and Alan Ferg, was published in December 2006 and will soon be available through (I like to say that if it weren't for Apache playing cards, I wouldn't have my now-two-year-old filly Tess, because the amount of money I received for editing this manuscript turned out to be almost exactly what was needed to pay the sire's stud fee.)

The Fall 2006 issue of Concho River Review (Angelo State University) contains my story "The Object of Desire."

And the Fall 2006 issue of Archaeology Southwest features two of my articles, "The United States Military and the Border," and "Trinidad Lopez and the Naco Cemetery." I hadn't planned to write either article, but that's what's fun about being involved with Archaeology Southwest -- although there's an outline for each issue, it's pretty fluid until a few weeks before the issue goes to the printer. I never know what I might have to research and write about, and I like that. (There's a certain irony in the fact that I started as a journalism major at Arizona State in 1982 [the year Lou Grant was canceled], and switched to anthropology because I determined I didn't want to be a reporter!)

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