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A Secretariat Surprise, or Twinkie Rides Again

Recently, I was staying at the home of my friend Sherri. On her coffee table was her Christmas loot, which included a new book, by Lawrence Scanlon, called The Horse God Built: The Untold Story of Secretariat, the World's Greatest Racehorse. I'd read a review of it but hadn't seen a copy. As I flipped through it, something caught my eye: my name, right there in the text:
"Tobi Taylor was a horse-mad eight-year-old girl in 1973, and the one horse she loved most was Secretariat...."
The book goes on to summarize an article I wrote for Dressage Today, back in 2000, about the life and times of Statesman ("Twinkie"), who was then Secretariat's oldest son. It's always gratifying to know that people read what you write. I had another moment like that, about six months after I'd published an article about Statesman in the Blood-Horse. Statesman's shoer at the time, Jean-Pierre Luyssaert, went to the 2001 Rolex three-day event in Kentucky. While there, he visited an art show that featured artist Salina Ramsay and Secretariat's owner, Penny Tweedy. J.P. found a small print of Secretariat and decided to buy it for me. While he was waiting to have it signed by the artist and Tweedy, he told them that he was farrier for Secretariat's oldest living son. "You mean Statesman," said Mrs. Tweedy. "I read about him in the Blood-Horse." After the artist had signed the print, Mrs. Tweedy wrote, "To Toby [sic] and Statesman."

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