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Brusally Book Now on

I'm happy to announce that The Polish and Russian Arabians of Ed Tweed's Brusally Ranch is now available on One satisfied Amazon customer, Arabian horse breeding consultant Arlene Magid, gave it five stars and wrote,

I got my copy of The Polish and Russian Arabians of Ed Tweed's Brusally Ranch on Saturday and have spent all of my free time in the past couple of days studying it. The Tweed imports have had a profound impact on Arabian breeding in America, with many of their descendants excelling on the racetrack, the endurance trail, and in the show ring (particularly in sport horse disciplines). Author Tobi Taylor has done a masterful job of presenting these horses. After an introduction explaining the history of the Tweed horses, each import has his or her own chapter, which includes pedigree research on that horse as well as detailed information on offspring and more distant descendants with notable achievements. The historic photos are a true delight, many have never been published previously, and I learned a great deal from the book, which will now be a key part of my reference library. The book also contains appendices which include a list of all Brusally influenced National winners from 1964 to 1983 (one of my few issues with the book is that this should have been closer in date to current times),and progeny lists for all the imports with information on the significant achievements of their progeny. The book is also very well written and does not read like a dry tome of "he begat so and so, who sired this and that", so it makes good reading as well as good reference material.

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