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News > Saturday, December-10-2016

Positive Review of Orzel: Scottsdale's Legendary Arabian Stallion

The September 2016 issue of ASU Magazine reviewed Orzel in its Shelf Awareness section, concluding that:

"In this biography and genealogy of Orzel, the champion chestnut stallion of Polish bloodlines, Taylor explores regional preferences (originally in Europe) for selective breeding that continue to influence Arabian horse characteristics. She discusses the challenges of maintaining breeding programs and protecting horse in Europe during World War II, and she investigates the small but growing international community of breeders and Arabian horse lovers at that time. The book traces Ed Tweed's entry into this community and the subsequent influence of the Tweed family in the establishment of Arabian horses in Arizona, the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and the breeding, training, racing and showing of these horses in Arizona and the United States. Most importantly, this book communicates the unique bond between horses and people that continues across times and places and that is valued especially by owners, riders and trainers of Arabian horses. The work will be appreciated by readers who value the complexities and interactions of world and local history, a bond with an equine partner, or the aesthetics of the Arabian horse breed."

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