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Toby, it wasn't the Cold War that stalled the registration of the Russian Arabians Tweed had imported in the 1960's; it actually was a political move in the registry by an old nemesis of his, who had harbored negative feelings for Tweed since the 50's after Ed bought a young stallion from him and went on to make it famous (and repeatedly beating him). With his position in the registry, he blocked it for years; the pressure from that one man in the registry. I'd bought Napaika* and her filly, Brusally Skorka, from Ed in '67, and eventually sold Napaika* back to him, as even Skorka could only be half-registered for years, and Napaika* not at all. Both of them got their full registrations the same year... Oh Arab breeder politics. What a waste. And that wonderful stallion having to be used as a tease all those years; he was beautiful. And the guy got away with it, and now it's supposed to be because of the Cold War? Well, it wasn't, even if it's touted as the "reason". An investment group later owned Napaika* and tried invitro fertilization in her later years; not sure if that was successful. I know that a half-sister of Skorka's went for $117, 000 at an auction in Vegas when she was 6 months old. Napaika* was the only double Mammona (the "Granddam of Russia") offspring in the world, I was told, brought to safety as a foal by Patton during the WWII forced march. Again, what a waste of amazing bloodlines by Americans following their vendetta against another American, and the horses and all of us suffering because of it. Shame on them.
posted by Guest at Saturday, August-28-2010 07:39am

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