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My brush with Beatledom

I dined in the same restaurant where Ringo Starr was in Toronto. It was a small Italian restaurant. It looked so much like Ringo Starr that we couldn't actually believe it was him. When my girlfriend and I asked the waiter, he sort of casually looked over at him and then said to us, "Oh, I'm sure he's an impostor." We naively accepted this. About 15 minutes later, a stretch limousine pulled up and Ringo Starr and his party exited the restaurant and straight into the limousine! I thought about taking some leftover food from his plate and putting it in my freezer so I would have some possible DNA from a Beatle - but alas, I didn't. Regrets! j
posted by Guest at Friday, November-12-2010 15:34pm

When I'm 64...

Ah yes, the Beatle lust still is going strong. What can I say? I knew when I saw him in concert at age 14, that Mick Jagger would ring my chimes for the rest of my life. Now that I'm at that "certain age" Mick still rocks my boat, and I'm not shy to say so either! Long live those boys of rock 'n roll! :clap:
posted by Guest at Tuesday, August-17-2010 17:35pm


I am also a huge Beatles fan, I was born in 1975 I grew up listening to the Beatles, My dad loves them, I've lived in Tucson all my life and new that the Beatles had a connection with Tucson and always been wanting to run into Sir Paul, I never herd about Paul at the Casa Molina. I think that's neat. I really hope to run into him one day....Thank's for sharing this with all.. I love Tucson "The Old Pueblo"
posted by Guest at Friday, January-29-2010 06:57am

Like Sand Through the Hourglass…

I can claim no brush or near-brush with any Beatle, even by extension. I guess the trade-off is that I lived through and was caught up in the original Beatlemania. You wouldn't believe how pervasive it was, creating excitement even in the third grade class of a rural elementary school in Missouri! It would be years before I'd buy any Beatle records of my own, though. (Buying records was what my sisters were for!)
posted by Guest at Wednesday, October-21-2009 04:58am

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